Treaty Day Community Pictures & Winners 2018

Once again KTC CFS Staff have been doing temporary tattoos, free  raffle draws and face painting for each of our member First Nations Treaty Days.  Staff enjoy the hospitality of the communities and watching the different activities they have available.  Winners for each community are listed below...
Whitefish Lake First Nation Winners
Spa kit - Sarah Anderson
Blue Jays Shirt & lanyard - Jennifer Auger
Mountable Hockey stick with hooks  - Cathy Cunningham
Picnic basket - Leslie Nahachick
Purse - Frank Whitehead
Child bike - Belle Thunder-Riley
Youth bike - Belle Legrande
Teenage bike with helmet - Levi Laroque 
                                                                                                                                                                                Click on picture to enlarge
Woodland Cree First Nation Winners
Spa kit - Lonny Whitehead
Blue Jays Shirt & lanyard - Desiree Boucher
Mountable Hockey stick with hooks  - Chasity Whitehead
Picnic basket - Wilson Laboucan
Purse - Leon Laboucan
WEM Passes (2) - Aubrey Sunrise
Youth bike - Elias Coutrie
Teenage bike - Draylynne Whitehead
                                                                                                                                                                                 Click on picture to enlarge
Loon River First Nation Winners
Spa kit - Rochelle Whitehead
Blue Jays Shirt & lanyard - Ashlynn Letendre
Mountable Hockey stick with hooks  - Stephanie Sawan
Picnic basket - Flora Letendre
Purse - Ursela Letendre
WEM Passes (2) - Tesslyn Shaw
Youth bike & Helmet- Justin Ward
Teenage bike & Helmet- Shenoa Auger
                                                                                                                                                                               Click on picture to enlarge
Peerless-Trout First Nation Winners
Spa kit - Was not recorded.
Blue Jays Shirt & lanyard - Was not recorded.
Mountable Hockey stick with hooks  - Was not recorded.
Picnic basket - Was not recorded.
Purse - Was not recorded.
Child Bike & Helmet - Was not recorded.
Youth bike & Helmet - Was not recorded.
Teenage bike & Helmet - Was not recorded.
                                                                                                                                                                               Click on picture to enlarge
Lubicon Lake Band Winners
Spa kit - Valerie Calliou
Blue Jays Shirt & lanyard - Tracy Laboucan
Mountable Hockey stick with hooks  - Vinny Calliou
Picnic basket - Nancy Merrier
Purse - Chalynn Gladue
WEM Passes (2) - Uriah Ominiak
Youth bike - Kingston Calliou
Teenage bike - Jimmy Ben
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