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Treaty Day Schedules 2017

With school almost to an end, children and adults alike anticipate the beginning of our First Nations Annual Treaty Days.  Each community plans to have new and old activities for their people to participate in.  KTC Child & Family Services workers will be in attendance as usual providing face painting, tattoos and bike draws for children and youth for each community.


Treaty days this year are scheduled for:


Whitefish Lake First Nation               June 29 - 30 

Woodland Cree First Nation              August 18 - 20

Lubicon Lake Band                               July 20 - 21

Peerless - Trout First Nation             August 8 - 11

Loon River First Nation                       August 10 - 12  Postponed

Loon River First Nation                       August 24 - 25

Most of the communities have different activities for people to participate in such as parades, kids games, bingo, Strong Man & Woman competitions, canoe races, horse shoe tournaments, paintball, talent shows, moose calling contests, hand games, tug of war and inflatable play houses.  There are also food booths, free traditional food, company sponsored BBQ's, prize draws (both free & at extra cost) and fireworks.


Treaty Day Schedules and posters will be linked below as they are received from each community.  



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