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Child intervention services are focused on the well-being of children, supporting families to be healthy and ensuring children grow up in safe and nurturing homes.


Intervention services include Statutory and Non Statutory Services as listed below:


Statutory Services:


Delegated legal authority to provide child & family services pursuant to the Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Act:

  • Intake & assessments

  • Investigations & apprehensions

  • Agreements

  • Court orders

  • Placements of children

  • Adoptions

  • Private guardianship

  • Foster Care Program

  • Band Designate

  • Prevention & Early Intervention without statutory C&FS involvement.


Non Statutory Services:


  • Foster Care Program

  • Community Awareness development & enhancement

  • Training, workshops, group work & community events

    • Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups

  • Prevention and early intervention without statutory child welfare involvement

  • Co-operation & integration with other programs & services on-reserve.


Intervention services also include a range of services provided through two program areas:

Family Enhancement Program and Child Protective Services.

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