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The Family Enhancement Program (FEP) encourages parents and families to work directly

with FEP workers and community resources to address the issues that brought the family

to the attention of KTC CFSA.  This program provides an option for lower-risk families to

prevent the need for protective services. Ongoing screening and assessment ensures that

children and youth remain safe in the family environment.


Parents and guardians are responsible to care for their children, but sometimes they are

not willing or able to provide a safe and secure home for their child, or protect them from

abuse or neglect. Child Protective Services are needed when:



  • A child has been abused or is at risk of abuse by the parent or the parent does not 

        protect the child from abuse;

  • A child has been neglected by the parent;

  • A child has been subjected to cruel and unusual treatment or punishment by the parent or

        the parent fails to protect the child from cruel and unusual treatment or punishment;

  • A child’s parent is deceased and we are aware that no arrangements have been made for

        the care of the child; or,

  • The parent’s whereabouts are unknown.


KTC Child & Family Services only deals with cases where abuse is caused or allowed by a

child’s parent or guardian. If you suspect a child is being abused by someone other than

a parent or guardian, please call your local RCMP detachment.


There are two types of care that KTC CFSA provides: Foster Care and Kinship Care.


Foster Care is the full time temporary care of a child in an approved home.  A foster family is a substitute family for a child, when the natural family of the child is unwilling or unable to provide appropriate care to the child.  Foster parents provide a safe, secure and compassionate placement when a child’s need for this environment is vital.


When children must be placed in foster care, the goal is the safe return of the children to their natural families, or to other appropriate permanent families, or to prepare them to live independently. 


Kinship care is the full time care, nurturing and protection of a child or children by relatives, members of his/her Community or band, godparents, step-parents or any adult who has a kinship bond with the child.


The objectives of kinship care are to maintain a connection between the child/youth and his/her extended family and community, when Child & Family Services has determined that the child/youth can no longer reside in his/her parent’s home.


KTC Child & Family Services offers:

Family Group Conferences

Band Designate Consultations

Case Conferences

Permanency Planning

Family Enhancement Program


KTC Child & Family Services offers:

Parenting Workshops

Support Groups

Family Violence Workshops

Bullying Workshops

Addictions Workshops

Stress Management & Self-esteem workshops

Prescription Drug Abuse Workshops

Family Enhancement Awareness Workshop

Community engagement in community cultural events

Career Fair participation

Treaty Day & Cultural Camp participation


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