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Awaśak Wiyasiwêwin 3rd Reading & Vote

The final draft of the Awaśak Wiyasiwêwin has been approved by the KTC CFS Board for our three participating Nations.  The 3rd Reading will be held at various locations from November 8 - 18 with a Vote held after each Reading.  Ballots will be counted on November 19 in Red Earth Creek.  Everyone attending the readings and vote will receive a participant bag.

Please come out to learn about the proposed Act and vote.  This new prevention based Act will affect your children  whether they are on or off reserve anywhere in Canada as long as they are members or potential members of Loon River, Peerless Trout or Lubicon Lake.  They would be served by KTC Child & Family Services under the Awaśak Wiyasiwêwin and not by the Provincial legislation of their current Province.  Approval of the Awaśak Wiyasiwêwin will be if "50% + 1" of the total votes are in favour.  

You can find a copy of the Act and Notice of Approval Vote information below.  Eligible voters list's for your Nation are at the following links:

Loon River -

Peerless Trout - 

Lubicon Lake -

Awaśak Wiyasiwêwin Final Draft Front Page.jpg
Loon Notice of Approval Poster.jpg
Peerless Notice of Vote Poster.jpg
Lubicon Notice of Approval Poster.jpg
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