Awaśak Wiyasiwêwin Act Passed

On November 19, 2021 the Awas’ak Wiyasiwewin (Cree for Children’s Law) was passed by members of Loon River, Peerless Trout and Lubicon Lake by a vote of 616 - 70 of the participating voters. This is a historic moment for our three Nations in transforming Child & Family Services delivery to our children.  

There were three Grand Prize winners drawn from all eligible members that voted during the Awas’ak Wiyasiwewin voting process.  Congratulations to:

1st - Courtney Noskiye from Loon Lake

2nd - Alberta Teichroeb from Peerless Trout

3rd - Jenelle Beaver from Peerless Trout

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Awas'ak Wiyasiwewin - Approved.jpg