Treaty Day Community Pictures & Winners 2016

Different workers from KTC CFS have been attending the festivities as each community has had their Treaty Days.  Face painting has been a fun experience and well attended by children and youth.  Adult, children and youth prize draws have been held and enjoyed by all.  Prize winners are usually drawn by an Elder from each community.
Lubicon Lake Band Winners
GPS - Andy Ominayak
Fishing Rod/bucket/lures - Nora Laboucan
Portable DVD Player - Teryn Laboucan
Yard lights - Juanita Laboucan
Deluxe Vehicle Emergency Kit - Loretta Laboucan
Child's Bike - Terry Jr. Laboucan
Youth Bike - Clarence O.
Teenager Bike - Paul Calliou
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Whitefish Lake First Nation Winners
GPS - Pearl Grey
Fishing Rod/bucket/lures - Ayla Grey
Portable DVD Player - Alice Nahachick
Yard lights - Lyle Grey
Deluxe Vehicle Emergency Kit - Albert Nahachick
Child's Bike - Emily Thunder
Youth Bike - Mikayla Thunder
Teenager Bike - Paval Laboucan
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Woodland Cree First Nation Winners
Fishing Rod/bucket/lures - TBA
Portable DVD Player - TBA
Yard lights - TBA
Deluxe Vehicle Emergency Kit - TBA
Child's Bike - TBA
Youth Bike - TBA
Teenager Bike - TBA
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