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Treaty Day Community Pictures & Winners 2017

KTC CFS have been attending the festivities as each community has their celebration.  Face painting has been well attended by children and youth and staff have been brushing up on their painting skills.  We also have free prize raffles for adults, children and youth.
Whitefish Lake First Nation Winners
Fan & sleeping bag - Violet Tallman
Snap Camera - Trisha Auger
Inflatable boat & Tent - Michael Thunder
Portable DVD player - Dontaye Grey
Fitness accessories - "Click" 
KTC promos - Hazel Whitehead
KTC promos - Jonathan Yellowknee
Child's bike - Jeramia Okemow
Youth bike - Connor Laboucan
Teenage bike - Eva Joe Cunningham
Woodland Cree First Nation Winners
Fan & sleeping bag - Irene Gladue
Snap Camera - Leonard Ominayak
Inflatable boat & Tent - Veronica Gladue
Portable DVD player - Pearl Carifelle
Fitness accessories - Michelle Laboucan
Child's bike - Lydia Whitehead
Youth bike - Ariel Dahdonna
Teenage bike - Brayton Carifelle
Loon River First Nation Winners
Fan & sleeping bag - Evelyn Noskey
Snap Camera - Stanley Auger
Inflatable boat & Tent - Jennifer Letendre
Portable DVD player - Marina Noskey
Fitness accessories -  Tracey Noskey
Child's bike - Jenna Auger
Youth bike - Nik Auger
Teenage bike - Carol Letendre
Peerless-Trout First Nation Winners
Inflatable boat & sleeping bag - Corrine Alook
Snap Camera - Tammy Gladue
Fan & Tent - Raeline Okemow
Portable DVD player - Allison Sinclair
Fitness accessories - Gilbert Okemow
Child's bike - Letisha Starr
Youth bike - Kelly Yellowknee
Teenage bike - Roberta Metsikasis
                                                                                                                                                                               Click on picture to enlarge
Peerless Trout Treaty Days 2_edited
Peerless Trout Treaty Days
Peerless Trout Treaty Days 4_edited
Peerless Trout Treaty Days 3_edited
Lubicon Lake Band Winners
Fan & sleeping bag - Harley Auger
Snap Camera - Barbara Laboucan
Inflatable boat & Tent - Martha Laboucan
Portable DVD player - Troy Laboucan
Fitness accessories - Marlene Whitehead
Child's bike - Kellin Payne
Youth bike - Cyrus Gladue
Teenage bike - Coby Calliou
                                                                                                                                                                              Click on picture to enlarge
Lubicon Treaty Day 2_edited
Lubicon Treaty Day_edited
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