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Treaty Day Community Pictures & Winners 2023

Treaty Days are ongoing at each of our Nations in the KTC area.  KTC CFS continues to plan and hold children's activities like face painting, beading, water activities, inflatables and a children's entertainer.  We also have our free kid's and adult draws, children's snacks, cotton candy and slush.  As always, we bring our prize wheel where everyone wins a prize!  This year we also entered a float in the Nations parade.


Loon River First Nation Winners
Baby Trike - Aleesia McTaggart
Child's Scooter - Novalee Sawan

Youth Electric Scooter - Draylyn Sawan
Teenage Hoverboard - Treasure Lamouche

Patio Set - Merle Noskey
Gift Cards - Shirley Yellowknee
Dinner Theatre - Care Noskey
Massager -  Jen Letendre
Sound Bar - Tiffany Letendre
Teepee 2
Parade 5
Parade 4
Parade 3
Parade 2
Inflatables 2
Inflatables 3
Inflatables 4
Water Bubbles
Rides 2
Rides 3
Facepainting 2
Facepainting 4
Facepainting 3
Free Slush
Entertainer helpers 2
Entertainer helpers 3
Fire juggling
Fire juggling 5
Juggling class 5
Juggling class 4
Juggling class 3
Kids Prize 0-2
Kids Prize 3-5
Kids Prize 6-12
Kids Prize 13-17
Adult prize #1
Adult prize #2
Adult prize #4
Adult prize #5
Peerless-Trout First Nation Winners
Baby Trike - Keiran Starr

Child's Scooter - Logan Letendre
Youth Electric Scooter - Tien Okemow
Teenage Hoverboard - Paul Jr. Houle

Patio Set - Brenda Yellowknee
Gift Cards - Kendra Stevens
Dinner Theatre - Amberly Auger
Massager -  Gary Noskiye
Sound Bar - Tiffany Alook
Float 2
Float 3
Float 4
Float 5
Awasak Teepee
PTFN Teepee
Trike Winner
Electric Scooter Winner
Hoverboard Winner
Patio Winner
Massager Winner
Dinner Theatre Winner
Sound Bar Winner
Lubicon Lake Band Winners
Baby Trike - Elianna Auger

Child's Scooter - Havannah Noskiye
Youth Electric Scooter - Easton Lamouche
Teenage Hoverboard - Evannah Ominiyak

Patio Set - Sherrie
Gift Cards - Chelsea Noskiye
Dinner Theatre - Daisy Auger
Massager -  Nena Whitehead
Sound Bar - Nora Laboucan
Treaty Grounds
Airbrush tattoo
Kids Art 2
Kids Art
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